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Big slab installation

Different Types of Big Slab Installation

The reinforced big slab installation is an essential structural component and is utilized to create a surface that is flat (floors as well as ceilings) within buildings. The reinforcement offered by beams, beam support, as well as the ratio of lengths of the slab, is typically divided into one-way slabs as well as two-way slabs. They are supported by two sides, and their ratio from long span to short span is more than two. The latter, however, is supported by four sides, and the

Clay roof tiles

Protect your home from rising temperature – Install clay roof tiles!

Are you eager to learn how to keep your family and yourself safe from the sweltering summer heat? Using roof cooling methods is one of the finest ways to stay cool throughout the heat. You may avoid the heat of the summer by hiring a professional installer of clay roof tile. In addition to keeping your house cool, they also conserve energy. Therefore, learn how to cool the roof in the summer with the help of clay roof tiles to