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top clay roof tiles

It may be easy to miss out on the newest fads and faux pas when it comes to current exterior design, but luckily for you, updating the appearance of your house or building using Artfix’s clay roof tiles products are never out of style. Let’s look at how Artfix roof tile may update your next home or business project and provide curb appeal for years to come. It’s suitable for any architectural style.

top clay roof tiles
top clay roof tiles

Flat tiles are a superior alternative for a trendy, modern design because of their crisp and clean appearance. They complement both classic and contemporary architecture. Our end ridge profile, for example, has a smooth surface with crisp, fine lines that define the roofscape, whereas a tapon emphasizes comparable but narrower symmetry owing to its split along the center. Since a leading clay roof tiles suppliers in UAE, we emphasize that our goods are more than simply “round and red,” as certain profiles are an excellent substitute for slate, wood shake, and other roofing materials. You may even combine a flat profile with a dark color to get the best of both types.

A flat concrete tile roof will not only update any structure but will also offer immaculate dimensions with deeper neutral hues and accents. Due to their fresh appearance and flexibility to combine with several different exterior paint colors or swatches, cool tones like charcoals and silvers are becoming increasingly popular. Even if you like a Mediterranean-styled barrel, these multiple elements allow for a more contemporary atmosphere, since the grey hue provides a beautiful yet modern look.

Artfix tiles & plaster brings you peace of mind with a great collection of concrete roof tile colors, whether you like classic earth tones or want lively coloring for the season of rebirth. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that an Artfix clay tile roof will accomplish your intended look, regardless of style. Certainly, our ultimate objective is to provide the most efficient service to our consumers.

Our field staff adjusts to suit the specific needs and expectations of each customer. Similarly, we adhere to our own set of internal performance criteria. Artfix roofings has always been inventive and original with its marketing tactics as the UAE’s leading clay roof tile accessories provider and most popular roofing brand. Call us or visit our website for additional design ideas and inspiration.

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