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Not familiar with the name “Artfix Plaster & Tiles Cont. LLC” we would like you to know that we- Artfix Plaster & Tiles Cont LLC, are one of the most celebrated clay roof tiles suppliers. We have been in the tiling industry for some time now, and today we are here to help you unearth why you must invest in clay roof tiles Dubai. There is no denying that Roof Tiles Provider UAE can offer homeowners with both- an aesthetically pleasant and durable exterior. When people say their clay roof lasted for a century, you must trust them, as some clay roofs carry the potential of longevity. Continue reading to unearth some more advantages if the same! 

Clay Roof Tiles Dubai
Clay Roof Tiles Dubai

Why Clay Roof Tiles Dubai Is A Good Investment? 

There is no alteration that some clay roofs require only a minimal amount of maintenance. The above point makes the clay a viable option compared to other materials such as terra cotta, fired clay, molded concrete, or slate. But apart from this, clay tiles have numerous other attractive characteristics and properties, including:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing- In the 21st century, people do what they do mostly- for aesthetics. The clay tiles roof style gets sole inspiration from Mediterranean and Spanish designs. This beautiful appearance effortlessly complements numerous sidings. To be precise- it can beautify the look of brick or stone sidings, making it compatible with the most trending design styles for homes.
  1. Temperature Resistance- Yes, you read it right. You must have read in the qualities of other materials- they tend to expand and contract to a greater degree when extreme conditions appear. But in the case of clay, it is not the same. It maintains the roof’s integrity by withstanding extreme hot and cold weather events. They also carry the strength of resisting the harmful ultra-violet radiation (UV rays) from the sun.
  1. Insulation- This is one of the best quality it showcases- air freely circulates beneath these tiles. Yes, and this freedom of air space further regulates rooftop temperatures, helping maintain temperatures inside the home
  1. Durability- The clay is one of the most durable options for roofing as it carries the ability to last well over 100 years, as opposed to other tiles. The best part is they don’t rot along with being fire and insect-resistant. 
  1. Low-Maintenance- Compared to numerous other roofing materials available in the market, clay roof tiles require less maintenance, which can lower the total cost of ownership for you.
  1. Longevity- Once you opt for it, you will notice for yourself that clay roof tiles have a longer lifespan than numerous other materials. Artfix Plaster & Tiles Cont. LLC has been in this industry for some time now, and therefore- we know, these roofs can have a service life as long as a hundred years.

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