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Clay roof tiles

Are you eager to learn how to keep your family and yourself safe from the sweltering summer heat? Using roof cooling methods is one of the finest ways to stay cool throughout the heat. You may avoid the heat of the summer by hiring a professional installer of clay roof tile. In addition to keeping your house cool, they also conserve energy. Therefore, learn how to cool the roof in the summer with the help of clay roof tiles to create a calm environment at home and save money and energy.

Professional Installer of Clay Rooftile

Utilizing roof tiles aids in regulating the building’s temperature. By reflecting the heat and sending radiation into the atmosphere, a tiled roof inhibits heat absorption. For warmer climates like the UAE, roof tiles are one of the greatest solutions. The most common type of tile used for roofing buildings is clay tile.

Why are clay roof tiles regarded as the greatest alternative for lowering summertime heat? They exhibit up to 86% thermal emittance and a solar reflective value of 50%. Your home will be cooler the higher the SRI value. The greatest thing is that because they are strong and recyclable, they make a great green roofing solution. They can tolerate the intense heat of hotter climates and provide a cooling effect indoors.

Benefits of installing clay roof tiles in summers:

  • Because summertime inside is more laid back, there is less need for air conditioning, which saves energy and lowers your power cost.
  • It makes the home more pleasant by lowering the humidity, especially in places like the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Additionally, it aids in lowering the building’s outside temperature, which lessens the impact of the urban heat.
  • It conserves power and guards against a variety of environmental outputs.
  • Being the most environmentally friendly choice for roofing, it aids in reducing global warming.
  • Clay roof tiles are enduring and require little to no upkeep.
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Clay roof tiles are available in several collections in a variety of colors and sizes. You may locate and choose the size and color of the roof tiles at ArtFix based on your needs. The highest quality S roof, curve roof, and flat roof tiles are offered here. Our goal is to provide top-notch service on every assignment we take on. With the aesthetic appeal and elegance of tiles from ArtFix, you may transform your house into a haven of calm and comfort. With our premium quality and top-notch items, you may enjoy refreshing summer breezes.

We conduct strict quality controls before delivery and have reputable labs assess the effectiveness of our goods, making us the most trustworthy brand. Now that you are aware of who to contact for excellent roof tiles, you can battle the heat and save your power costs. Along with roof tiles we also provide quartz kitchen counter Sharjah and are also celebrated as special slabs installer in the UAE. We are pleased to provide a two-year warranty on our roof tile mending services thanks to our total twenty years of fixing experience.

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