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Clay roof tiles

If you are looking for tiles for your roof that are durable and stylish, Artfix believes you should get installed roof tiles from some of the best Spanish exporters like Mazarron clay roof tiles. Artfix has made it possible for you to make your houses look like Mediterranean-style homes. Spanish clay tiles give your house an aesthetic feel along with a durable roof.

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Mazarron clay roof tiles
Mazarron clay roof tiles

The History

These Spain originated tiles are getting used for over 100 years for the roofs of palaces, cathedrals and houses. With the advancing technology, architects have made several changes in these tiles to make them suitable for today’s world. But, one thing that remains the same is its quality. Undoubtedly, the durability of the Mazarron clay roof tiles made people fall in love with them.

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How long do these tiles last?

While getting installed roof tiles, people often wish it to last long without much maintenance. If you want the same, Spanish clay tiles are the best for you. Usually, roof tiles last for about 100 years. But, you will get amazed to know that Spanish clay roof tiles can last for over 200 years. Therefore, their total life cost is much lower than other roofing options.

The Available Shades!

Traditionally, Mazarron clay roof tiles come in red colour. But, now it is possible to get it blended according to your requirements. The best way to opt for the right colour is by comparing it with your neighbouring houses, as they should combine well. One other point to keep in mind while selecting the right shade is the weather.

What does Artfix have to offer?

Being one of the best clay roof tiles suppliers in UAE, Artfix believes in presenting the best to you. Therefore, we offer a collection of Spanish clay roof tiles from two of the most appreciated exporters. With roof tiles from Mazarron and La Escandella, Artfix has now made it possible for you to strengthen your roofs. The modern-day clay roof tiles from Artfix will make your roofs stronger, and at the same time, will add some glory to the aesthetics of your house.

So, do not wander anymore to find suitable clay roof tiles for your place and start selecting the best from us. With Artfix you can get the best Mazarron clay roof tiles from Spain, like the La Escandella clay roof tiles.

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