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affordable clay roof tiles cost

The benefits of clay tiles for roofs remain hidden from none. But, the affordable clay roof tiles cost can only be fruitful if the tiles get maintained regularly. The beauty, style and class of these tiles can never be a question. But, if one wants to maintain the aesthetics, there is no better option than regular inspection and cleaning. The clay tiles are one of the best roofing materials and attract almost all with their durable nature. 

Affordable clay roof tiles cost
Affordable clay roof tiles cost

Some people often witness the discolouration or degradation of these tiles. But, why? It is because of the lack of regular maintenance. One might get surprised to know that even plant debris can cause discolouration. 

Ideally, the roof must get clean and inspected at least twice a year. But, for the places that witness storms and significant temperature fluctuations, the required number of cleaning rounds increase. Rainy winters and extra shade are also some of the common factors that harm the unmaintained tiles. Now, most of you might have understood the importance of regular cleaning. But what are the steps involved? Let us take a look. 

  1. Initial cleaning- One must not avoid roof cleaning for long, as it is something to get done on a regular basis. The first step of the cleaning procedure involves power wash. It helps remove debris like leaves and twigs. A low to medium pressure is the best to use as high pressure can cause cracks o the tiles. The person cleaning the tiles must also be careful while climbing and walking on the tiles. After removing all the dirt and debris, let them dry completely before moving on to the next step. 
  2. Time for some chemicals- After the power wash, it is time for some chemicals. Clay tiles use specific chemicals for cleaning that sit in their pores and clean the grime and dirt. These chemicals also work as an element to maintain their colour. Although each chemical container comes with usage directions, the general proportion is to mix 3/4 cup of chemical wash with one gallon of water. After preparing the mixture, it needs to get applied to the tiles and washed off with a pressure washer.  
  3. Rinse- After drying from the previous step, the roof must get rinsed. It helps to efficiently remove the dirt. 

The above cleaning steps help get the best value of the clay roof tiles cost

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