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Withstanding the test of time, Premium roof tiles made from clay have come a long way. These tiles are getting used for over 100 years as the best roofing material. Clay tiles usually get made from terracotta clay which comes naturally in an appealing red colour. The tile come covered in chemical compounds like silica, manganese, fluxes and aluminum oxide. These compounds get believed to be responsible for increasing the durability of clay tiles. The elegant tiles are the world’s favorite building material due to their durability, versatility and sustainability. 

Clay roof tiles: A boon!

When we start preparing a list of all the pros of clay roof tile, the only thing we end up is with a neverending list. Therefore, Artfix has managed to curate a list of some of the most crucial advantages of clay tiles for your roof. 

  1. Fire resistive- One of the most crucial necessities of humans is a secure shelter. To protect you and your family, Artfix would suggest you to make your roof fire-resistant. But, how? The easiest way is to get clay roof tiles for your place. Due to the stone-like properties of clay, it gets considered in Class A fire rating- the highest level fire rating. 
  1. Impact resistive- Premium roof tiles have the highest impact resistance rating- Class 4 rating. It is because the tiles get made to resist and withstand an impact of 2-inch sized hail.
  1. Wind resistive- When properly installed, clay tile roofs can resist wind at speed up to 200 mph. 
  1. Life expectancy- Unlike other roofing materials, clay tiles have a much longer life expectancy. The life expectancy of clay roof tile ranges between 50 to 100 years. Also, these tiles do not require any expensive maintenance and can last for 100 years. 
  1. Styles- Clay roof tiles come in a vast variety of styles and colour options. Attractive designs like curve roof tiles and S roof tiles add some extra points to the aesthetics of your place. With numerous styles present in clay tiles, you will find the one that fits well with your taste. 
  1. Sustainable- Making houses and other buildings sustainable is the new trend. Clay tiles can help you make your roofs eco-friendly, as the tile get made from naturally occurring Earth materials that can get recycled. 
  1. Energy-efficient- Adding an extra point to its sustainable nature, a clay roof tile also acts as an energy saver. It is because the tiles create a cooling effect, especially in a warm climate. While installation, the tiles are usually layered, which allows good airflow. Eventually, it results in cooling the place.
  1. Versatile- Their versatility is one of the most appreciated features. Whether you want roofing material for commercial buildings or residential ones, Premium roof tiles can work best for both.  
  1. Rot-resistant- The low water absorption rate of clay roof tiles make them resistant to mould attack. Practically, it can get thought of as a stone roof that cannot get deteriorated by insects.
  1. Low maintenance- Premium roof tiles do not demand regular maintenance. These tiles do not require getting recoated, unlike other materials. 

As of now, you are well introduced to clay roof tiles. So, get ready to buy the best at the most affordable clay roof tiles cost from Artfix. 

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