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Clay Roof tiles for independent villas or any other residential or commercial building is a beautiful addition to a place. From the versatile styles to their durable nature, the clay tiles are nothing but a must get roofing material. Although these tiles do not absorb water and allow the growth of moss, they can still witness moss growth in areas with frequent rains. If not controlled or removed on time, moss and weeds can destroy the tiles. Hence, they must get removed timely. 

Steps to remove weeds and moss

Roof tiles for independent villas
Roof tiles for independent villas
  1. Kill the enemies- Most of you might feel that why is it essential to kill them. Is it not possible to get rid of them without killing? It is crucial to kill them because if one attempts to remove the moss or weeds without killing them, it can harm the tiles. Usually, weeds grow between the tiles. Hence, pulling them can dismantle the tiles. Whereas when they get killed, they wilt, and the roots die. Eventually, it allows safe removal. Several weed and moss killers are available in the market. But, it is best to use the mild ones so that the chemicals do not damage the tiles. The killer mixture can get sprayed all over the roof with a pressure washer. 
  2. Removal- After completing the above step, one must wait for at least two days for the weed and moss to die. To ensure if the moss has died, check whether they have turned from lush green to brown. The dead weed will get wilted. For removing the dead weeds and moss, one can use a clean pressure washer with high speed. However, the moss can get removed with this. But, eradicating weeds demands much more. Along with the pressure washer, weed removal also requires a gripper tool to grip and pull the weeds one by one. Once all the visible weeds get removed, a pressure washer can remove the hidden ones. 
  3. Prevention is the best cure- After removing them; one must take some preventative measures to not let the situation repeat itself. Installing a zinc strip to the edge of the roof can prevent moss from growing on the clay tiles. Whereas for weed, spraying weed killer every few months can do the job. 

Although clay tiles do not usually let moss and weed growth, still, if you face the problem, the above step will help you remove them from your Optima clay roof tile

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