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Roof tiles for residential building

Roof tiles are not something that can get changed every other year or even after every 50 years. To save yourself from wasting time and money on Roof tiles for residential building, you must get clay roof tiles that last longer than any other roofing material. When it comes to roofing material, there are numerous options available. But, you do not want to go for just any of them to avoid future troubles. 

Roof tiles for residential building
Roof tiles for residential building

Several aspects need to get evaluated while choosing the appropriate roofing material for your roofs. Some think that it should be cost-efficient, while others want a more aesthetic feel. Artfix has something for you that comprises both along durability. Yes, we are talking about our clay roof tiles. 

The remarkable Durability of Clay Roof Tiles!

The extraordinary durability of clay roof tiles manages to surprise everyone. When compared with other roofing materials, you will find the reason behind calling clay roof tiles- Premium roof tiles. For instance, asphalt shingles require replacement approximately every 20 years, and wood shake can last for 30 years, while copper, concrete and slate can last for 50 years. But, when you get clay roof tiles, you do not need to worry about replacement for 100 years. These tiles will not only let you relax, but your family will also relax for a century. 

Two benefits of Roof tiles for residential building!

There are uncountable benefits of clay tiles to pick them over any other roofing material. Its durability, natural shades, low water absorption rate and several other advantages are enough to convince you. But, if you still want some more perks for your home, don’t get disappointed yet, as the list is not over. Not only to the roof, but these tiles will also add some stars to your entire house. 

  1. Bonus for the aesthetics of your house- Only the durability cannot work, as everyone wants their house to look beautiful. No matter how long the roofing material lasts, it is of no worth if not beautiful. Luckily, Artfix has clay tiles for you that come in Earth tones. These tiles are available in shades that compliment an array of styles. 
  1. Increase the resale value of your property with clay roof tiles- There is no denying that when a property needs improvements, its overall cost decreases. The amount of money required for replacement and repairments gets deduced from its total value. The appealing durability of clay roof tiles makes them a worthwhile investment, as no matter how many times the ownership gets changed, the owners might not even need to touch the roof. 

Artfix believes in Roof tiles for residential building are not only Good due to their long life span but also due to the other benefits they offer. So, if you are building a new place or looking for roofing material for replacing the old ones, clay roof tiles by Artfix will be your ultimate pick. We also offer a wide range of clay roof tiles for commercial building

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