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quality roof tiles in Sharjah
quality roof tiles in Sharjah

Of many tiles that Artfix manufactures and installs, one of them is Mazarron clay roof tiles. They get made of molded clay through heating and baking. 

Clay tiles not only add beauty to your residential and commercial buildings but their advantages overshadow and outnumber any other roofing material such as metal, rubber, or concrete available in the market today. 

They get manufactured in an eco-friendly way. Hence, they do not pose any threat to the environment, and you can now consciously enjoy your home more with the knowledge of reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, as they get molded under extreme heat, they are resistant to destruction or damage from fire. One of the best places to get tiles and tiles installation services is Artfix! 

Here are a few benefits of clay tiles listed by Artfix:

● Clay tiles are highly durable and can get made in the desired shape, size, and color

● They need little to no maintenance at all

● Their repairing is not all expensive; replace the damaged tile with another one

● They are fire-resistant, water-resistant, rust-resistant, and weather-resistant 

● The color of clay tiles do not fade away

● The lifespan of a clay tile, if maintained well, can be up to 100 years

● They have a minimum environmental impact; they produce no harmful effluents or emissions or waste-by-products

● Clay tiles provide natural insulation hence, the help you save up on the electricity bill

● Apart from the practical advantages of clay tiles, they are also highly aesthetic and give a distinctive European look 

Artfix makes the best clay tiles and provides quality installation services too! As a leading brand, we make sure we deliver customer satisfaction and outstanding performance each time by providing adequate and efficient tiles installation services on time, affordable products, a wide range of tiles in various colors, shapes, and sizes, tile accessories, and many more. 

Apart from all of this, we also provide a two-year warranty for roof fixing services. In addition, our employees make sure they minimize wastage and damage of tiles while installation and make sure that our services are consistent with our quality, performance, technical capability, flexibility, communication, and competitiveness. 


La Escandella clay roof tiles are also one-of-a-kind tiles that are available at Artfix. It is a different kind of clay tile that is just as good as Mazarron, offering all the goodness that a clay tile offers. 

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