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Tossal clay tiles

ARTFIX is a roof tiles accessories provider, clay roof tiles supplier, and tile installation company based in the United Arab Emirates established in 2006 and has been actively serving the tile industry here in the UAE. 

Previously, there were material suppliers but no professional tile installers, so, taking the opportunity ARTFIX created a company that supplies, installs, and does roofing tiles. We offer both commercial and residential roofing services. 

We believe customer satisfaction must be a top priority. We understand the installation and appearance of the tiles; both must be top-notch for the roofing to look professionally done, aesthetic and beautiful. 

Why choose ARTFIX for your commercial and residential roof projects?

● We are a leading brand known to deliver outstanding performance and customer satisfaction on every project that we undertake 

● We provide efficient and effective clay roof tile installation on time 

● Our products and services are budget-friendly and affordable 

● We offer a two-year warranty on the roof tile fixing services 

● We offer a wide range of tile products and accessories in different colors, textures, and patterns 

● We protect the tiles from wastage and damage while installing them

However, the performance evaluation is unique for each client and project as every project is different for us. In addition, the projects that we work on our various times, as residential or commercial building designs, are not the same.

No matter how different and challenging a site is, we always deliver the best tiling work and finish to the roof. We make sure to provide tailor-made products and services to meet each client’s unique needs and expectations. In addition, we make sure to keep up our performance consistency, technical capability, good communication, flexibility, and competitiveness. 

For hundreds of years, tile roofs have gets used in architecture. They have a discrete appearance, are known for their durability, and get made from various materials. Tile roofing adds the right amount of character to your home without sacrificing functionality. Choose based on the requirements of the project.


We also provide you with S roof tiles, and the variety that we offer ranges from paja, adour, rojoe, rojoantu, rojo, oceanic, garonne, harmonie, nauce, elegance, marron, negra to rianno, all of these are the different names of the S roof tiles. So get in touch anytime with Artfix and get all the valuable information you need.

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