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Clay roof tiles have been around for a long time and have held up well. One of the most popular building materials is clay for roof tiles. Even now, despite the availability of other fashionable roofing materials, many people still like clay roof tiles for private villa. Clay has been a favorite material for building since prehistoric times. It is the material of choice for many architects, engineers, and homeowners in the UAE. Clay roof tiles are becoming more and more popular since they are the best material for new homes.

clay roof tiles for private villa

Clay tiles can be used for gardens, terraces, facades, walls, and roofs. Using clay roof tiles to cover the facade is the finest approach to lower the inside temperature during the sweltering summer. One of the materials that are most often used and have the amazing ability to spontaneously regulate temperature is clay. Reputable clay roof tiles and inexpensive lightweight bricks are offered by a leading roof tiles provider UAE.

Why clay tiles are the ideal roofing option in a country like UAE?

  1. Highly durable: Roof tiles made of clay don’t rust, distort, or corrode. They are resistant to all types of weather and very well suited to withstand even extreme temperatures. They are ageless and bring beauty to your house over time.
  2. Maintains the temperature: Clay tiles are ideal for the climate of the United Arab Emirates. Natural temperature regulation is a feature of clay. Homes are kept cooler throughout the hot summer months by the temperature-responsiveness of clay roof tiles. Additionally, because they are energy-efficient and permit hot air to circulate, they aid in energy conservation.
  3. Lasts for a lifetime: They are strong and long-lasting. They are the most dependable and long-lasting since they go through rigorous quality testing. They similarly keep their color from the inside out.
  4. Eco-friendly: Clay tiles are a sustainable option for roofing or construction. They may be recycled, are corrosion-proof, do not decay, are not impacted by insects, and are fire resistant. You may use them for different things after recycling. Clay tiles are made without the use of any hazardous chemicals. They are eco-friendly because of all these things.
roof tiles provider UAE

Choose the Best Tiles:-

ArtFix is your one-stop shop if you’re wanting to buy the best clay tiles available that won’t fade, rot, warp, or corrode. We provide clay tiles created using cutting-edge technology. Our clay tiles are resistant to all types of weather, energy-efficient, insulated, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. When people choose visually pleasing and cost-effective clay tiles, they select us.

We make sure that we provide exceptional performance as determined by our clientele. Our field staff adjusts to the specific requirements and expectations of each customer. In a similar vein, we also uphold our internal performance criteria.

Our site crew embraces the mission and goals of our clients for each task. Artfix is known for its enduring consistency, technical proficiency, adaptability, effective communication, and competitiveness. As a result, Artfix is currently regarded as a leading roof tiles provider Sharjah and Dubai.

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