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ARTFIX is a roof tiles accessories provider, clay roof tiles supplier, and tile installation company based in the United Arab Emirates established in 2006 and has been actively serving the tile industry here in the UAE.  Previously, there were material suppliers but no professional tile installers, so, taking the opportunity ARTFIX created a company that supplies, installs, and does roofing tiles. We offer both commercial and residential roofing services.  We believe customer satisfaction must be a top priority. We understand the installation and

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What’s the best choice for a project? A guide on different roof tile types

Roof tiles for residential building With so many Roof Tiles Accessories to choose from, deciding on the perfect finish for your project can be complex. Whether you prefer a traditional or more modern look, you can be sure that a roof tile to suit your needs is available on the market. Popular materials include slate, an attractive finish, and concrete, known for  .durability and low maintenance requirements. On the market, you’ll also find a variety of metal roof tiles, which gets frequently chosen for

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Give your home a European feel with Mazarron clay roof tiles

quality roof tiles in Sharjah Of many tiles that Artfix manufactures and installs, one of them is Mazarron clay roof tiles. They get made of molded clay through heating and baking.  Clay tiles not only add beauty to your residential and commercial buildings but their advantages overshadow and outnumber any other roofing material such as metal, rubber, or concrete available in the market today.  They get manufactured in an eco-friendly way. Hence, they do not pose any threat to the environment, and you can

High-Quality Roof Tiles for Your Home

Clay roof tiling can provide a long-lasting and attractive exterior for homeowners. Commercial clay Roof Tiles can last a century or more, and many only require minimal maintenance. Clay is a viable option when compared to similar materials such as terra cotta, fired Clay, molded concrete, or slate. Clay tile roofs have several appealing features and properties, including: Longevity- Many other materials have a shorter lifespan than clay roof tiles. However, these roofs can last up to a century if properly maintained. Low maintenance- Clay tiles

How is Weeds and Moss Eradicated from Clay Roof Tiles?

Clay Roof tiles for independent villas or any other residential or commercial building is a beautiful addition to a place. From the versatile styles to their durable nature, the clay tiles are nothing but a must get roofing material. Although these tiles do not absorb water and allow the growth of moss, they can still witness moss growth in areas with frequent rains. If not controlled or removed on time, moss and weeds can destroy the tiles. Hence, they must get

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Not familiar with the name “Artfix Plaster & Tiles Cont. LLC” we would like you to know that we- Artfix Plaster & Tiles Cont LLC, are one of the most celebrated clay roof tiles suppliers. We have been in the tiling industry for some time now, and today we are here to help you unearth why you must invest in clay roof tiles Dubai. There is no denying that Roof Tiles Provider UAE can offer homeowners with both- an