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Clay roof tiles

The clay tile roof design is both classic and lovely. The tiles are strong and can protect your property for up to a hundred years. Although clay roof tiles Dubai are more expensive than a typical roof, they are the most long-lasting alternative you have for a roof. We at ArtFix are here to assist you in weighing your alternatives and deciding whether a clay tile roof is the best choice for your house. Visit our guide to find out more.

clay roof tiles Dubai

A clay tile roof has a typical lifespan of roughly 100 years. Depending on the environment, this amount fluctuates since not all clay roof tiles are created the same. For instance, some varieties of clay tiles don’t work well in cold areas. They deteriorate over time from the ongoing stress of ice and snow. Always do your homework in advance. Before making a purchase, find out which clay tiles are the most durable in the location where you plan to install them. It’s also crucial to remember that while clay roof tiles are resilient, brittleness is a regular problem. Tiles may break beneath the weight of a tree landing on your roof during a terrible storm. You’ll need to get some repairs made if this occurs.

Once bugs get into your wooden roof, they start to chew away at the wood and cause major damage. With clay tiles, you don’t have to be concerned about this. The clay will prevent insects from digging into it. Wood will eventually start to decay, which is another problem you’ll encounter. Clay tiles are resistant to decay but may shatter under extreme strain.

Why clay roof tiles?

No chemicals are utilized in the production of clay; only natural elements are. So, when it comes time for you to replace your clay roof, the tiles may be disassembled and utilized on another roof. So, using clay roofs is unquestionably the way to go if you want to be environmentally conscious and lessen your carbon footprint. They rank among the greenest solutions on the market right now.

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Even if your roof has the proper slope for the installation of clay tiles, their weight may cause issues. Clay tiles weigh a much. So hefty that before installing tiles, your roof would need to be reinforced. Make sure your roof structure can sustain the enormous weight by consulting an expert first. Otherwise, you’ll need additional repairs done, which will cost you more money.  A clay tile roof offers more benefits even if it has its share of drawbacks. They are available in several colors and designs, giving you a distinctive appearance that sets you apart from your neighbors. Contact ArtFix, one of the top clay roof tiles suppliers in UAE, if you want a clay roof but are on a tight budget. They are also strong and resistant to extreme climatic conditions. When seen in this light, the cost is justified. Are you prepared for the installation of your tiles? Call us right away.

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