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Roof Tiles Dubai

While building a new house, one of the most challenging decisions you will come across would be choosing the right kind of tiles for roofs. Therefore, Artfix is here to help you know how clay roof tiles Dubai will be your best choice. Most people often consider two options for their roofs- concrete tiles and clay tiles. Hence, below is a list of characteristics that one needs to examine while buying tiles for your roof. Keep reading further to know how clay tiles will stay ahead in each factor. 

Roof Tiles Dubai
Roof Tiles Dubai

1. Water Absorption

One of the crucial differences between both tiles is their nature of water absorption. Concrete tiles tend to have a water absorption rate around 10-15 per cent, while for clay, it is just about 5 per cent. Concrete tiles get made from a porous material, which makes them capable of absorbing and storing water in their pores. As a result of the high absorption rate, concrete tiles are more prone to mould growth, stains and fast deterioration. On the other hand, clay’s structure is flatter and more solid with fewer pores. Its lower absorption rate makes it more durable. 

Concrete tiles can also crack in cold climates due to the freezing of the absorbed water, whereas clay tiles typically do not have such a problem and are suitable in all weathers. 

2. Weight

Concrete tile weigh 40 per cent more than clay tiles, which may or may not be bearable for all kinds of the roof structure. The dry weight of concrete tiles is between 950 to 1,200 pounds per 100 square feet on average, while for clay tiles, it is just 600 to 650 pounds per 100 square feet. It is their dry weight. Now imagine how heavy a concrete tile will be after absorbing water. Therefore, it is best to use clay tiles that are the most suitable for your roof structure. 

3. Durability

A significant difference gets recorded between the durability of the two. Clay roof tiles can easily last for over 100 years, whereas concrete tiles require replacement after 30-50 years. One more reason for the durability of clay tiles is their lower absorption rate. Lower water absorption makes the problem of moulds and mildew impossible in clay tiles. Clay tiles also have higher cosmetic durability as they are generally not painted. 

4. Sealing

Numerous people consider sealing concrete tiles with sealants like paint. But, the problem that arises here is that sealants are required to get applied every 6-12 months, which makes it expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, clay tiles naturally do not absorb this much water. Their lower absorption rate makes the maintenance process smoother. 

5. Colour

The naturally occurring material- clay, come already coloured and maintain its original colour for several years. Even when exposed to extreme weather, clay tiles do not lose their colour. Clay tiles are also hard to stain and easy to clean due to their lower absorption rates.  

Now you might have understood why clay tiles are getting used for centuries. Their extreme durable nature makes them the most suitable choice for your roofs. So, get ready and grab the best clay roof tiles Spain from Artfix. 

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