Art Fix

About Us

ARTFIX is a clay roof tiles supplier and fixer company. The idea conceived in 2006, when the collective management of building material supply companies realized the quality of our products. However, there were no professionals except us to manage the quality installations in UAE.

ARTFIX registered as a legitimate clay roof tiles fixing company in 2008. Meanwhile, In , the diff appearing, and our aim was to handle it.

They set about exploring the regional and new methods of fixing trends in the industry. They put a team together of multinational and experienced roof tiles fixers. In order to offer their clientele a quality installation to international standards.


Tiles installation on a apartment roof
Roof tiles

Market Overview

“Effective and Efficient tiles installation on budget and on time…”
The management and staff of ARTFIX are hospitality qualified professionals. We believe that customer service is a priority and appearance is important. The market began to change due to tighter restrictions on spending power and project development. There is a possibility of unnecessary raising costs. So, be aware of inexperienced unorthodox fixing, wastage, and breakages.

Having considerable pride and in the Change product to materials that owners are supplying to the market, ARTFIX formed to manage these issues. In other words, we protect the tiles from damage and wastage while fixing it. Above all, we do it efficientlyeffectively, and in a timely fashion.


“To deliver the highest quality service on every project we undertake.”

Our Philosophy

“Deliver outstanding performance and customer satisfaction on every project”
At Artfix Plaster and Tiles Cont., our number one goal is our clients satisfaction. Most importantly we maintain the quality and cost effectiveness of our services.

Performance evaluation can be unique for each project and client. We ensure that we deliver outstanding performance as our client’s measures it. Our field team adapts itself to meet each client’s unique needs and expectations. Similarly, we maintain our internal performance standards too.

For each job, our site team adopts the mission and objectives of our clients. Artfix Plaster and Tiles Cont. is reputed for timeless consistency and technical capability, flexibility, good communication and competitiveness. Therefore, Artfix is now known as a top roof tiles supplier and installer/contractor in UAE.

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Company Development

People spreading that ARTFIX is a quality roof tiles supplier and installation company. We can rely upon to meet the harsh requirements of the project management teams. The core team has grown rapidly during a few months. As a result, ARTFIX was awarded with more projects. The new architecture era needs an increased level of skill and ARTFIX is able to serve that.

With over twenty years of “collective” fixing experience, ARTFIX is now proud to offer a two-year warranty on their roof tile fixing services.